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8 Considerations for PHMSA Mega Rule Compliance

8 Considerations for PHMSA Mega Rule Compliance

Introduction: What is the PHMSA Mega Rule?The U.S. natural gas storage and transportation industry is marshaling to comply with new comprehensive regulations, known as the Mega Rule, that expands regulatory and reporting requirements for onshore gas transmission...

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Don’t Make The News!

How many of your aging wells have been inspected recently? We want to make sure you “Don’t Make The News!” 

Watch as our President, Brian Chastain, offers a solution to get those aging wells inspected.

Are Your Wells Secure?

Regardless of whether your wellsite is in an urban, suburban, or rural area, how do you mitigate unwanted access? Watch as our President, Brian Chastain, offers suggestions for keeping your sites secure and safe.

Are Your Wells Accessible?

Do you have wells that were put in prior to World War II? Watch as our President, Brian Chastain, shares some things to consider if you must perform wellsite remediation on those wells.

Do You Plan for Contingencies?

With over 100 years combined experience, a leading reason clients appreciate working with Dynamix is because they approach each project with the back-office, engineering support, and trained experienced field team, to offer a single source turnkey operations. Watch as...

Dynamix Brings A Unique Perspective To Your Projects

One of the reasons our clients work with Dynamix is because we bring a unique perspective to each job. Watch as our President, Brian Chastain shares how we are able to look at projects from both sides – as the client and as the service provider.

Safety Is A Core Focus

Safety is a core focus for us here at Dynamix. Watch as our CEO, Brian Chastain, shares what we do to make sure everyone – our clients, our employees and the residents of the surrounding communities are all safe at the end of the day.


How to Protect and Grow Your Business With Expert Turnkey Consulting

In this episode of the Project Dynamix Podcast, Dr. Jeremy Weisz talks to Brian Chastain, President of Dynamix Engineering and Services Group, about growing businesses in the gas storage, utility services, and energy industry. He offers expert advice on protecting your company from fines and lawsuits. Brian also shares ways to discover your client’s problems and provide appropriate solutions, which apply to various industries. Listen to learn how you can tackle business problems holistically.