One of the reasons our clients work with Dynamix is because we bring a unique perspective to each job. Watch as our President, Brian Chastain shares how we are able to look at projects from both sides – as the client and as the service provider.

Hi, I’m Brian Chastain, here with the latest from our video series, Project Dynamix!

When you need project work completed, do you really know what to look for?

Not just the major items, I mean items as small as rusted bolts?

Do you know if the equipment that’s needed to facilitate the project can safely get to location? Bridge clearances, water ways.

One of the reasons our clients work with us is because we have a unique perspective on the process.

Our staff includes former service providers and former operators. So, we see projects from the clients eyes, just as much as we understand what it’s like to be the service provider.

We look at projects from both aspects, how can we manage cost for clients and how can we openly communicate in a way that provides value and keeps the projects running on time, safely and smoothly?

Just because it looks good on paper doesn’t always work in practice. We look at it all, can we get equipment to location? Are there safety egress routes? Are there school zones or traffic areas to be mitigated from an operational standpoint? What season are we working in, are there environmental impact concerns, what type of leases are we working on or around.

Then we can communicate those things to our client, both from the service provider and operator standpoint. The result is that everybody’s on the same page.

If you would like to work with a team that can see your perspective and get the job done, effectively, contact Dynamix Engineering Services Group.