Dynamix ESG SOAR Program

The purpose of the Dynamix Behavior Based Safety Program (SOAR Program) is to promote an open dialog between field employees and Dynamix Senior Leadership in order to identify and correct unsafe acts/conditions, and to promote safe acts/conditions in the workplace, and to actively achieve the goal of zero incidents.

SOAR Stands for Start Off Assessing Risk. It is an acronym that Dynamix adopted in 2020, as a means of reminding employees to approach situations with a questioning attitude, and to start all jobs by first assessing the risk.

Dynamix shares all SOAR365 Good Catch Safety Observations and Stop Work Authority Moments on a Weekly basis companywide.

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At Dynamix ESG, we approach every project with a safety-first attitude. We want to make sure that our clients, employees, and the surrounding communities are all safe at the end of the day and into the future. We achieve this outcome because of our experience as well as our safety standards and mitigation tactics.

We award SOAR coins, which can be redeemed for an incentive, to our employees, or clients, based on interactions, good catches, stop works, – all of the things that we try to teach on a day-to-day basis. As a result, we’re able to readily identify potential risks or hazards to our client, to the environment, and to the populations surrounding a job site.

This is just one extra thing that we’re able to add to our list of qualifications as we approach each potential client.

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