Over the years several catastrophic events have been in the news. Our philosophy for our clients: “Don’t Make The News!” Watch as our President, Brian Chastain offers suggestions for bringing your well sites up to standard.

Hi, I’m Brian Chastain, here with the latest from our video series, Project Dynamix!

Could your natural gas or utility company be at risk of a huge catastrophic event?

What would the impact be to your company and the community where your well(s) are located?

Over the years, several devasting incidents have been in the news. Our philosophy is to help our clients avoid incidents; in fact, we have a slogan for them – DON’T MAKE THE NEWS!

So, think about these things:

Have your wells been inspected lately?

Could some of your well sites have safety issues?

Do you need well remediation work?

Well site supervision?

Could some of your wells have surface or Downhole issues?

After more than ten years in development, the PHMSA Gas Mega Rule officially went into effect on July 1, 2020. Natural gas utility storage companies must have a plan in place to bring their well sites up to standard. We help do that to ensure the safety of all …the company, the community, and the environment.

We often find old wells ignored or out of date, but our staff is trained to not only update the print but also safely repair any issues we find, so that your well site can be compliant to the new PHMSA standard.

If you are looking for a one-stop project management and turnkey partner to inspect and remediate any well issues, let's schedule a conversation. Reach out to Dynamix Engineering and Services Group.