In our last video we explained Step 1 in Dynamix Engineering and Services Group’s three-step project management process.

In this video, Brian Chastain takes a deeper dive into step 2 of the process – Build a Collaborative Plan.

Hi, I’m Brian Chastain, here with the latest from our video series, Project Dynamix!

This is the second video in our series, where I take a deeper dive into our turnkey project management process.

This step is when a collaborative plan is built.

First, we prepare a findings report based on what was discovered during step one.

This is the meat of the process, the who, what, when and where. We walk you through what we found and what it means. This is a facts-based look at your individual assets.

Next, we incorporate client specific concerns, after all, our job is to point out the good and bad, helping our clients prioritize based on regulation, safety, and time is critical to a successful project. Our suggested priorities may not always align with the clients and that’s ok too.

Finally, we build proposals for the client in their preferred format. Our projects are run as if we are the client, so this includes screening safety and track records of potential vendors and an RFP process with potential vendors to present competitive cost structures. We boil our high-level presentation to a good mid-level estimate. Then work with clients to prioritize the scope of work. We understand that not all projects are created equal, some will take days, and some will take years.

By the end of this step, each client will know what is needed, by when, the cost, constraints, and next steps.

Be sure to come back next time when I’ll discuss the next steps, performing the work and completing the project.

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