In our last video we explained Step 2 in Dynamix Engineering and Services Group’s three-step project management process.

In this video, Brian Chastain takes a deeper dive into step 3 of the process – Work is Performed and Completed.

Hi, I’m Brian Chastain, here with the latest from our video series, Project Dynamix!

This is the third video in our series, where I take a deeper dive into our turnkey project management process, so you will have a feel for how we work with you.

This step is when the work is performed, and the project is completed. Here’s what’s involved:

We agree with the old saying,

“Failing to plan is planning to fail”. So our first step prior to any projects, is to hold multiple virtual, in person and on-site meetings. These meetings are with any department or vendors selected for projects. Safety is always our number one concern, so established chain of commands, egress routes, emergency contingencies are all discussed and rehearsed.

Before a single piece of equipment is moved or wrench is turned, everyone is briefed, trained and checked in.

We work with regulatory agencies for notifications, supply chains, clients’ employees, departments, capital teams and field teams to ensure when day one starts, everything has a place, and everything is in its place.

Our teams know that if it can happen it probably will, if not properly planned for, so the weeks leading up to a project are critical.

Next, the work is executed

Our SOWs are designed to function and flow, as new information is discovered.

We work with our teams and clients to update everyone involved. With our evaluations being mostly of surface equipment only, there are multiple variances that can come up if, or when, we are working below the surface. This is where having the right team and plan in place comes in. Properly informed staff and clients helps to mitigate and eliminate surprizes, both from an execution standpoint and budgeting constraints. Any change orders needed are issued and work continues. Our company motto of Start Off Assessing Risk, prepares everyone each day so that teams and the communities where we operate all stay safe.

Be sure to come back next time when I’ll discuss the final step, wrap up and reporting.

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