In our last video we explained the first part of Step 3 in Dynamix Engineering and Services Group’s three-step project management process.

In this video, Brian Chastain takes a deeper dive into the second part of step 3 of the process – wrap up and reporting.

Hi, I’m Brian Chastain, here with the latest from our video series, Project Dynamix!

This is the final video in our series, where I take a deeper dive into our turnkey project management process, so you will have a feel for how we work with you.

This final step is the wrap up and reporting stage and here’s what’s involved.

Once the field work is completed, we hold a debrief meeting including sub-contractors, employees and clients. We discuss lessons learned, potential improvements and next steps.

Following the wrap up meeting, our project engineers collaborate with your team to build all final reports that meet regulatory standards and client metrics.

If you haven’t watched the other videos in this series, be sure to check them out on the videos page on our website.

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