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Dynamix provides Utility & Gas Storage Turnkey Project Management and Engineering Solutions

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Common Project Management Issues in Utility Gas Storage

Many companies find themselves with the following problems that Dynamix Engineering & Services Group
is uniquely qualified to solve.

Incomplete Awareness of Current
Asset Conditions

Do you know if you have a potential newsworthy event brewing in your backyard?
Do you have an abundance of small issues growing?


Lack of Experienced and Trained
Well Supervision Staff

Are your employees capable of working in legacy operating conditions?
Do you know what needs to be done to meet today’s regulatory standards?


Inability to Perform Necessary
Well Work

Do you have the ability to evaluate your locations?
Do you have the right equipment and access to parts you may need?


Insufficient Capability to Perform Significant Well Remediation

Would you need to hire an engineering group to help with the project?
Would you need to hire a construction company to complete the project?


Inadequate Well Logging
and Documentation

Are your wells maintained to the set regulatory and safety standard?
Are all emergency protocols documented and do they meet minimum standards?


Insufficient Personnel to Handle Comprehensive Project Management

Can your team create procedural designs, SOP, SOW, site mapping, wellhead drawings, along with maintain proper record keeping?
Can you manage an entire project and bring appropriate resources to bear to complete the project?

Dynamix has solutions to these common issues experienced in utility and gas storage and transportation.

With our turnkey project management and engineering services, you get a team that is experienced with today’s conditions as well as legacy operating conditions. Dynamix knows what needs to be done to meet today’s regulatory standards and protect you from having an incident that makes the news.

Don’t Make The News! Talk to us about our turnkey project management solutions.


A fully certified Dynamix engineer with decades of experience, and success, in designing and building energy projects will manage every aspect of your venture. You will enjoy the assurance of having one trusted source, Dynamix, who will keep you on track.

Central to the Dynamix value proposition is the fact that a single capable supplier will drive your success across a broad range of activities. We offer not just engineering, but technical and environmental services.


The same engineers who established a superior understanding of your project during the design phase will execute that plan in a well-coordinated, continuous operation. No time lost for catch up. No miscommunication among contractors. Just one seamless, efficient operation.

Our find-and-fix approach will ferret out vulnerabilities you may not even have been aware of, avoiding costly break-fix shutdowns and potential safety and environmental events.


With our unwavering commitment to a cleaner energy future, we will help you remediate legacy sites and plan for a new tradition of clean, compliant production.

We have the necessary experience to create customized preparedness plans, and help correct unexpected environmental events. We will co-ordinate with local, state, and federal regulators, manage all required reporting, and assure continuous compliance of your entire operation.

Our comprehensive understanding of your entire enterprise – with experienced Dynamix engineers in charge – is your best assurance of creating a single seamless strategy for success: one vision, one contact, one trusted turnkey source for a wide range of superior solutions for your business: engineering, field services, and environmental planning.

67 million families, 5 million businesses, 200,000 manufacturers, and 2,000 electric power providers are counting on cleaner energy solutions to keep them up and running long into the future.

It is Dynamix’s mission – and promise – to help companies who have accepted that challenge to achieve peak operational efficiencies at lowest cost, with the smallest environmental footprint and greatest ease of doing business. We’ve got the know-how, the experience, and the passion to get the job done right.

Complete Turnkey Project Management Process


Step 1

In Person Onsite Evaluation

Our Dynamix team will come to you. We will examine records, visit site locations, then document and report our findings.

Step 2

Collaborative Plan Is Built

Using the findings from our onsite evaluation, we partner with you to establish a plan of action to meet regulatory standards and your metrics.

Step 3

Work is Performed and Completed

Dynamix transitions from planner to implementor. Our subject matter expert teams arrive on site with employees and contractors, ready to deliver on the action steps identified in our client specific procedures.

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