Project Management

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Project Management

What We Do

We help you get set for success, we understand that planning, monitoring, and controlling are the components of a successful project.

Our extensive experience and attention to detail allows our professionals to put your plan into practice with generations of expertise and project management capabilities. We strive to develop a complete understanding of our clients’ goals, working closely with vendors to expedite schedules, ensuring our projects are completed on time and within budget.

Don’t make the news! Let us help you with all your project management needs.

The project management roles and responsibilities we offer include:


Bid Package Development

Scope of work, RFP/RFQ

Contractor Management

Selection, management, analysis

Records Management

Creation, receipt, maintenance, use and disposal

Materials Management

Sourcing, tracking, invoicing

Materials Tracking

Scheduling, forecasting

Vendor Management

Negotiation, selection, onboarding, payment

On-site Supervisors


Operational Consulting

Supervision, oversight, safety, documentation

Project Coordination

Evaluation, collaboration, assessment, identification, completion

Technical Consulting

Development, execution, recommendation, identification


Sourcing, contract negotiation, tracking, material verification

Don’t Make The News!
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Common Project Management Issues We Solve

Many companies find themselves with the following problems that Dynamix Engineering & Services Group
is uniquely qualified to solve.

Incomplete Awareness of Current Asset Conditions

Do you know if you have a potential newsworthy event brewing in your backyard?
Do you have an abundance of small issues growing?


Lack of Experienced and Trained
Well Supervision Staff

Are your employees capable of working in legacy operating conditions?
Do you know what needs to be done to meet today’s regulatory standards?


Inability to Perform Necessary
Well Work

Do you have the ability to evaluate your locations?
Do you have the right equipment and access to parts you may need?


Insufficient Capability to Perform Significant Well Remediation

Would you need to hire an engineering group to help with the project?
Would you need to hire a construction company to complete the project?


Inadequate Well Logging
and Documentation

Are your wells maintained to the set regulatory and safety standard?
Are all emergency protocols documented and do they meet minimum standards?


Insufficient Personnel to Handle Comprehensive Project Management

Can your team create procedural designs, SOP, SOW, site mapping, wellhead drawings, along with maintain proper record keeping?
Can you manage an entire project and bring appropriate resources to bear to complete the project?