Dynamix Engineering and Services Group offers turnkey project management solutions.

Watch as Brian Chastain provides an overview of our three-step project management process.

Hi, I’m Brian Chastain, here with the latest from our video series, Project Dynamix!

TODAY I wanted to give you an overview of our project management process.

We start, with an in person onsite evaluation. Our Dynamix team will come to you to examine records, visit site locations, and do whatever is needed to complete your evaluation. Then we will document and report our findings to you.

Our team at Dynamix approaches every project from a “what if” standpoint and if we see something, we say something.

NEXT, a collaborative plan is built. Using the findings from our onsite evaluation, we partner with you to establish a plan of action to meet regulatory standards and your company metrics. These plans could include company specific safety standards, budgeting needs, and equipment reviews – for example, can existing equipment be renewed, refurbished, or does it need to be updated to current industry standards. Some additional considerations are supply chain, staffing needs, timing constraints, and status of wells - are these active wells or orphaned wells that simply need to be properly abandoned.

Finally, the work is performed and completed. Dynamix transitions from planner to implementor. We work to notify any agencies necessary for compliance and preparedness, then our subject matter expert teams arrive on site with employees and contractors, ready to deliver on the action steps identified in our client specific procedures. When Dynamix is finished, we work with your team to prepare any final reports, we complete final walk throughs and if applicable, we recommission the wells.

Throughout the process, we maintain transparency in safety, budgeting, communications, and timing concerns.

For a more in-depth look at our project management process tune in to our upcoming videos that take a deep dive into each of the steps in our process.